Head of Oyster Bay

Head of Oyster Bay Results

The 2017 Head of Oyster Bay will be held Saturday October 7th.  Please contact us at 516-714-3247 with any questions.

Centre Island Beach, 463 Bayville Ave, Bayville, NY 11709
Address is approximate
  Race Distance:
5000 Meters
 Start Time:
9am Masters, 12pm Middle School, 2pm High School


8am Masters, 11pm Middle School, 1pm High School
  Weigh Ins:
On your honor.
  Entry Deadline:
Entries due by September 24th.  RegattaCentral .  Payments are due by September 25th.
  Sweep Events:
Novice: 8+, 4+
Junior Varsity: 8+, 4+
Varsity: 8+, 4+, 2-
Masters: 8+
Mixed: 8+
  Sculling Events:
Novice: 4x,
Junior Varsity: 4x, 2x
Varsity: 4x, 2x, 1x
Masters: 4x, 2x, 1x
Mixed: 2x

Due to limited parking available at the site only team chuck wagons and trailers will be guaranteed parking on site.    Any handicap parking will be allowed on site.

Also note the following additional things if you are new to this regatta.
1. No pets/animals allowed anywhere in the park.
2. Tent areas will be assigned by regatta staff.  Do not expect larger than 10 x 20 area.  No pre-reservations were taken this year.  If there is additional space after all 10 x 20 are assigned a 20 x 20 will be given to teams with a combination of larger entry pool and general size of team.
3.  Any generators or cooking grills need to have tarp under them to not contaminate the beach.  You can be ticketed for this.
4.  Wet launching.  No docks.
5.  Open water.  Lanes are not buoyed but the course will be clearly buoyed.