Becoming A Member

Sagamore Rowing Association (SRA) welcomes new members and provides an encouraging atmosphere for existing members to improve and expand their rowing abilities as a foundation to promote better health and quality of life.

Annual Membership

To maintain an annual membership in good standing, a member must:

  1. Pay SRA annual membership dues for the current year. Dues are due no later than 60 days after the start of the membership year.
  2. Have completed required waiver forms as part of the online registration process.
  3. Comply with SRA rules and guidelines, including the SRA Bylaws and the SRA Code of Conduct.
  4.  Voting:
    • An annual member who is eighteen years of age or older and is in good standing is entitled to one vote to elect SRA Board of Directors.
    • A member who has the right to vote is entitled to hold office, providing that member has been a voting member for at least one year prior to the election in which office is sought.
Annual members are:
  • Encouraged to volunteer at SRA by helping at work parties or regattas, serving on committees, and /or  participating in other volunteer club activities.
  • Responsible for reimbursing SRA for damages that he/she causes to any equipment or to club facilities if so determined by the Board of Directors.

Membership in SRA includes group membership in the United States Rowing Association.  SRA does not provide insurance for personal equipment and will only provide limited liability and accidental insurance as provided by the organizational coverage of the U.S. Rowing Association.

Before members can use SRA equipment, rowing members must demonstrate competence and be approved by one of the designated club instructors.


SRA consists of the following categories of participation: Junior, College and Adult.

  1. JUNIORS – open to those who are, or intend to be active participants in high school level or modified level programming.
  2. College Membership – is open to registered college students who are, or intend to be active participants in the club’s activities. College students participating as a team member of an affiliated program are assessed on a semi-annual basis as a member of their team.
  3. ADULT Annual Membership – is open to adults who are or intend to be active participants at SRA.

Learn more about our membership classes here!

Membership Fees for 2017 follow.

The membership year runs on an April to April basis, meaning the new membership year and boathouse access starts on April 1 and ends March 31 each year.

18+ years of age unless still an active undergrad) A discount of 15% is available to the spouse/household member of an annual adult SRA member.
Cost: $360

Ages 27 and under registered college students
A maximum 4 years of college membership may be used (Beyond that one must be an Adult member)
Cost: $186

Current participant with the Hofstra University or C.W. Post programs
Cost: $61.50 per semester

Current participant with an affiliated scholastic program not constructed as a SRA junior program.
Cost: $50 per semester

* Keys access will be granted to paying members who were key-holding members in the preceding year and to new members upon completion of the Captain’s Test. If you did not have a key in 2016, you are required to contact the club secretary before registering, 

 **College members of this membership level are permitted to utilize SRA facilities and equipment ONLY under the supervision of a SRA sanctioned program. No key will be issued. (Members in these categories must register through regatta central to sign the waivers AND an electronic roster must submitted to SRA by your program’s director!) 
***Junior members are not permitted to be individual Sagamore members. Junior members can only be part of SRA through a currently existing Sagamore program or affiliate scholastic team (Our Lady of Mercy, Friends Academy, Oyster Bay HS.)  Junior rowers are NOT permitted to work out or row at the boathouse without the supervising presence of a Sagamore sanctioned coach. All junior rowers must be accompanied by a safety launch at all times on the water driven by a Sagamore sanctioned coach. As of Spring 2015, Junior members are NOT permitted to store their private boat at the boathouse.