Winter Coxswain Development Program

“Coxswains are a dime a dozen.  Leaders are worth their weight in gold medals.”

Leaders are NOT born.  They are developed, cultivated, given opportunities, and grow into the position.  While some people have natural charisma, leadership is more than being liked; it’s about taking others to levels they won’t go on there own!  In order to truly maximize a crew’s, a team’s, or an organization’s success, LEADERSHIP is critical.

In order to bring Sagamore to the next level, our coxswains will play a critical role.  Sagamore Rowing Association is proud to offer a the 2015-2016 Coxswain Development Program this winter.  The program will focus on 7 critical points of leadership.


Once we clearly establish a foundation of leadership, we’ll shift our focus to more coxswain specific tools, such as:

Developing a Race Plan
How to make technical changes in the boat
Managing a workout
Preparing for worst case scenarios
Maximizing practice

Coxswains will receive an email the prior week with articles to read in preparation.  These discussions will be structured by Coach Delgado, but rely heavily on coxswain participation.  The more the coxswains put in, discuss, prepare, and challenge, the more they’ll get out of it.

$500 for the winter.  Coxswains will be required to attend the weekly meeting, and will be encouraged to attend daily training sessions to practice and refine their coxswain skills.

Dates & Times:
Athletes will meet Tuesdays, starting November 10th, from 4:15pm to 5:45pm, through the end of February.