U23 Summer Programs

U23 Competitive Travel Team

For collegiate athletes who want to take their rowing to a higher level, Summer rowing has become a requirement to do so. Sagamore provides a focus on sculling during training giving the college rower a unique advantage when returning to their teams eight oared shells.  Summer rowing has clear advantages over every other season of the year: flattest water, more time to dedicate to improvement, and the highest level of competition. And no program offers a more comprehensive development & training plan than Sagamore Rowing Association!

The Competitive Travel team will provide advanced rowers with a competitive platform that will take their rowing, both on and off the water, to the next level. Our goal is to offer, every summer, all advanced rowers the opportunity to stay fit and improve their rowing skills during the off season time.

Athletes will gain new insight into rowing as they enter a new training program that is both physically and technically intensive under the supervision of experienced collegiate level rowing coaches. Part of our goal also includes the recruitment of the best athletes from around Long Island as well as other locations to form a team that will compete at the USRowing Club National Championships against some of the top teams in the North America.

The program runs from June 26th – August 5th  

The program goal is to make the fastest boats possible and boat lineups will be made based on this goal. We are now accepting applications for the 2017 Summer Rowing Program.

Monday-Friday, 7am-9:30am

June 19th to August 12th

Race Schedule

USRowing Club National Championships; Bethel, OH; 7/12-15.
American Henley; Oyster Bay, NY; 8/12.

This cost of this program is $1000.

Registration and payment is all electronic. Click at the bottom of this page to register.

Program Requirements

The program is targeting the following requirements in order to be considered for the travel team:

Individual Membership to USRowing. A USRowing Membership Application must be completed and accepted prior to Sagamore registration.

Must be fully committed to being on time and present at every practice. Taking vacations will jeopardize a rowers potential placement in the boat.

Must be between the ages of 19 to 23 years old.

U23 High Performance Camp

The High Performance Camp serves rowers with at least one season of collegiate rowing. The program is designed for rowers who want to put in extra miles in sculling and take their training to an elite level.

Practices will be intense and require dedication and commitment in order to improve.  The focus will be on development and personal improvement, on and off the water.  Only athletes who are willing and able to train at a high level will be permitted to join this program; Practice is mandatory and athletes in this group will be considered for travel if the opportunity arises.  This program will start June 27th and ends on July 21st.

Monday-Friday, 7am-9:30am

July 17th to August 12th

NEW!! – Race Schedule

American Henley; Oyster Bay, NY; 8/12.

This cost of this program is $625.

Registration and payment is all electronic. Click below to register.

Items to bring:
Sunglasses (if desired)
Flip flops or water shoes as Sagamore does not use docks for launching
Spandex or tight fitting shorts to row in
Running shoes work out clothing in case of bad weather and have to work out on land
Water bottle
An inhaler if you have asthma (let Coach know ahead of time)