Captains Test

On-Your-Own Practical Exam

Saturday, Oct. 28th at 8 a.m.

Note, This process to take 2 hours start to finish, but it may take longer depending on the athletes. 
Athlete’s will take the exam in either a training single or a racing single, their choice.
The athletes will be provided the following list before the exam and they will be asked to perform the following skills:
On-Your-Own Practical Exam:
  1. Demonstrate knowledge of port and starboard
  2. Sign out the shell in the log book
  3. Put out a pair of slings if needed
  4. Carry appropriate oars down blades first
  5. Properly remove boat from racks (without the riggers or shell touching anything)
  6. Place shell in slings
  7. Check equipment for safe operation and loose parts
  8. Properly carry boat to the water
  9. Properly place boat in the water (and get oars without losing the shell)
  10. Place oars in oarlocks correctly, without stepping on tracks
  11. Demonstrate properly getting into the shell
  12. Move away from the beach using the proper course pattern (staying away from the mooring field)
  13. Row with control and safety
  14. Maintain correct course while rowing continuously (looking ahead every 5-10 strokes to check course)
  15. Demonstrate the ability to turn the boat 360 degrees, both clockwise and counterclockwise
  16. Demonstrate the ability to make a emergency stop (bring the shell to a complete stop on the water)
  17. Demonstrate the ability to scull the shell backwards
  18. Flipping or fall out of the shell
    • Demonstrate the ability to paddle using the flipped shell as a float
    • Demonstrate the ability to attempt to get back into the shell after flipping
      • Under coaching instruction and supervision, rower to flip from single shell, attempt to re-enter shell from water, and row. This exercise is for instructional purposes only. Successful re-entry is not required.
    • If the athlete is unable to get back into the shell, they will need to paddle their shell over to the shore and re-enter their shell by the shoreline.
  19. Return to the beach using the proper course pattern (along shore, without disrupting landing or launching crews)
  20. Row the shell near the beach, parallel to the shore unassisted (without the shell touching the beach)
  21. Remove the oars and close oarlocks at the beach
  22. Properly remove boat from the water and carry it to the boathouse and place in slings unassisted
  23. Carry oars up blades first and place in oar washing rack
  24. Wash and wipe shell, wipe tracks, open vents, and wash oars
  25. Return the shell without allowing the riggers or hull to touch anything
  26. Return the oars to the proper rack
  27. Log the shell back into the logbook
Reference Videos:
Administer: Coach Mike Wagner