Corporate Row Program

Rowing has been called the ultimate team sport.  Timing, Togetherness, Communication, Trust, & Leadership are all critical components of success, both on and off the water.  Our corporate row program has been designed to help instill these components into your team!

Sagamore Rowing Association will work with you to design a program that meets your needs.  From getting out of the gym to working with your co-workers, we’ll ensure you have a great experience.

Corporate row

Example 5 Hour Program

  • 10 Minutes: Welcome & Introduction
  • 45 Minutes: Rowing Machine Training
  • 10 Minutes: Break
  • 150 Minutes On the Water Rowing
  • 60 Minutes: Team Building Debrief & Individualized Discussion
  • 10 Minutes: Wrap Up & Conclusion

Our 2015 Summer Events included:

  • Team Concepts, Inc.
  • Equinox Woodbury
  • New York Cycling Club
  • Crossfit NYC

If you are interested in bringing your team or organization, contact us at!