Major universities and colleges throughout the United States are offering scholarships to accomplished rowers with a growing emphasis on women in the sport. Coaches from around the country frequently contact SRA regarding candidates for their crew teams.

Many Sagamore Rowing Association participants have gone on to collegiate, national and world accomplishments. One amazing athlete is Bob Kaehler, a Huntington High graduate who was named 1998 US Rower of the year. Kaehler is a four time World Champion, has participated in two Olympiads and is preparing to attempt to enter his third Olympic competition in 2000.

There are numerous others, like Scott McKee, a member of the 1985 National Team and currently the head rowing coach at Columbia University; Dave Collins, 1994 Olympic Bronze Medalist and National Team member in ’93. ’94 and ’95; Nancy Storrs, 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist and Jennie Gilder, member of the 1973 National Team.