Sagamore Rowing Association Inc. (SRA Inc.) was incorporated in 1972 under section 402 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation law of New York State.


The bylaws of the organization are kept by the Secretary and updated as needed through votes cast by the members. The last update was December 2015.

SRA Inc. By-laws

Board of Directors

The day to day business of the organization is guided by an all volunteer Board of Directors consisting of at least five (5), but no more than eleven (11) members. Board elections are held each April at the annual meeting. The Board itself elects the officers of the club [President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer]. Each Director serves for a 2 year term. Terms expire on March 31st.

2017 Board of Directors
President – Patrick Doyle
Commodore – Spencer Ross
Treasurer- Chuck Buntschuh
Vice President – Derek Offer
Co Secretary – Claudia Pace
Co Secretary – Elisa Santoro Witzenburg
President Emeritus – E. Gunther Uthgenannt
Director – Mitchel Wolfe (Boathouse Captain)
Director – Noreen McCormack
Director – Cliff Chabina
Director – Tom Ryan

 Tax Exempt Status

Sagamore Rowing Association Inc. is a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the federal Internal Revenue Code and holds a determination letter issued in March 1987. SRA Inc. annually files an income report to the IRS, as required. SRA Inc. is not required to pay tax on income as long as the club continues to operate under the terms of its determination letter. For more information about tax exempt organizations, see the IRS website.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission develops and enforces laws to prevent discrimination in hiring. SRA Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its hiring practices.