Middle School

The opportunity for athletes to row in middle school are few and far between. Sagamore Rowing Association not only has a full middle school program, but our program is specifically designed for the needs of middle school athletes.

Why middle school rowing?

Pre-adolescent and adolescent athletes are physically primed to develop strength and are naturally fearless.  By exposing them to rowing in middle school, they develop natural strength and utilize their fearlessness into boat-balance!

Additionally, few other sports offer the elements of teamwork, comradery, work ethic, and dedication.  Enrolling them in a middle school program instills these characteristics early, ensuring a solid foundation for their later years!

What are the goals and objectives of the middle school program?

The goals of the middle school program are to teach overall sports skills & build water sense and basic boat handling skills.  Sagamore Rowing Association achieves these objectives in a variety of methods, including but not limited to:

  • Keeping a low coach to athlete ratio, with a maximum of 10 athletes to 1 coach.
  • Introducing athletes to sculling in a variety of boats, including quads, doubles, and singles.
  • Participating in a land day, which ensures holistic development.  On land day, athletes focus on rowing technique, complementary sports & games, and body weight exercises.
  • Introducing ancillary athletic skills, such as nutrition, hydration, safety, warming up, cooling down, & flexibility.
  • Emphasis on fun through games, guided exploration of the sport, and coaching enthusiasm!

Do middle school athletes race?  Are races the same for the older kids?

YES!  Our middle schools race 1000 meter races (approximately half the distance of a varsity race).  In Spring 2015, our modified team had three races throughout the season: Long Island Championships in Oyster Bay, Middle School Super Sprints in Port Washington, and Sagamore Vs Pelham in Oyster Bay.  We introduce our athletes to healthy competition, without compromising our day to day training.

Is this program based on any research?  Is this proven to contribute to success?

Of Course it is!  In 2005, Rowing Canada developed the Long-Term Athlete Development Model.  This program is a systematic approach to developing championship caliber programs, starting from the earliest of ages and through adult rowing.  Each stage has specific goals and objectives that are appropriate for that group.  You can read more about it here!

This sounds great.  How can I sign my child up?

Enrollment for the Spring 2016 is now open!  You can register on Regatta Central today.

Middle School 2015